Our Locations

Windsor Trading Group Locations

Windsor Trading Group has locations in New Year City, London and Montreal is headquartered in New York. But physical locations are no boundary to our firm being able to work with you successfully. We have clients globally, our technology and network allows us to provide a global service.

New York City, USA

30 Wall Street, 8th Floor New York 10005 United States

London, UK

Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, London, E14 9XL, United Kingdom

Montreal, CA

University Street, Montreal, H3A 2A6, Canada

More To Know

Our firm has managed investments on behalf of individuals, corporations, business owners, charities, foundations, and retirement plan sponsors since the firm’s inception. Windsor Trading Group is a financial services firm with a powerfully personal, transparent financial planning and wealth management approach. We provide every client with a customized Investment Plan based on their unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, existing assets, debts, and aspirations. We assign you to a dedicated team of professionals who become a trusted resource of financial advice and information. Windsor Trading Group's goal is to help you establish a path for a meaningful life, stable wealth, and a lasting legacy.

Our Services Are

  • Based on your personal needs and circumstances
  • Focused and disciplined with an emphasis on trust, integrity, expertise, and service
  • Designed to mitigate the amount of loss sustained during a market decline while optimizing overall investment returns
  • Based on unbiased, professional experience